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5 Ways To Use Rugs For Your Airbnb Rental

When it comes to styling your Airbnb rental, rugs can be a great way to add some personality and warmth to the space. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using rugs in an Airbnb and we are going to about them in today’s blog so you can impress your visitors.

Use Rugs to Create More Space in Small Rooms 

Adding rugs is a great way to visually expand the space of your Airbnb rental, especially for small rooms. You can use rugs to define seating areas, buffet tables, dining halls and more. By layering several medium-sized rugs in an overlapping or side-by-side pattern, you can create an illusion of increased floor space. Not only does this provide additional space for activities, but it also makes any room look larger and more decorated. 

Place furniture strategically on top of rugs to create a unified composition that will make a small room look bigger and more inviting. You can also use area rugs in entryways and hallways when you need to break up the continuous look of hardwood floors while increasing the general usable space. 

Place Rugs in High-Traffic Areas to Protect Your Floors 

Although it might seem like a small change, investing in rugs for high-traffic areas can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your floors in an Airbnb rental. Not only do rugs help muffle the sound of guests coming and going, but they also provide insulation and absorb moisture that could otherwise damage your floors. Plus, having rugs in place adds a nice touch of coziness to your rental that can help make guests happy and result in positive reviews. 

Use Different Colors and Patterns to Create Visual Interest 

For hosts looking to boost engagement and reviews from their Airbnb rental, adding various colours and patterns throughout the space is one of the best ways to achieve visual interest and charm. And you can easily do that with rugs. You can also add patterned or colourful artwork to make a big impact by adding splashes of colour and energy to give guests a true sense of home during their stay. 

Choose Durable Materials That Can Withstand Heavy Use 

When setting up an Airbnb, paying special attention to the materials you use is essential. Since your guests may not treat your property with the same level of care as your own home, selecting durable materials that can withstand heavy use is the key to ensuring your cleaner does not have too much work after each guest leaves. 

Quality matters; for items like rugs and carpets, making a slightly more expensive investment in high-quality fibres will be much more cost-effective and longer-lasting than purchasing something cheaper. Durable materials will provide lasting value and durability to help you maximize profits.

Vacuum and Clean Rugs Regularly to Keep Them Looking Their Best 

Vacuuming and cleaning your rugs on a regular basis is essential for maintaining the appearance of your Airbnb rental. Not only does vacuuming regularly makes the rugs look better, but it also prevents dirt and debris from settling deep into the fibres, which can lead to permanent damage. This also includes spot-cleaning visible spots or spills and occasionally having the rugs professionally cleaned. 

So, these were some of the Airbnb styling tips you can use when it comes to using rugs but for more impressive results, you should connect with an Airbnb styling service.

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