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Likehome Airbnb Cleaning

Every short-term rental guest expects a sparkling clean property when they arrive. Likehome cleaning standards will ensure our guests have comfortable stays and then help our owners earn more 5 star reviews that result in higher future bookings. We strictly select and work with the best cleaners or contractors nationalwide, with standards and procedures to make sure every check out clean will be performed properly.

Airbnb Management

National Cleaning Partners

We currently have more than 10 national cleaning partners including both cleaning companies and contractors. 

Cleaning in Airbnb is always difficult due to the high turn around and short notice between them. We believe outsourcing multiple cleaning companies will have the best cleaning outcomes as we are not limited to any cleaners and have the flexibility to swap when things do not go in right ways. All of our partners are strictly selected, and they must keep our cleaning standards and procedures in order to grow with us together.  

Enhanced Cleaning Process

Each of our Airbnb Cleaning must follow Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning process as well as Likehome cleaning checklist. 

The Airbnb Cleaning Handbook will also be shared with our cleaning partners and all the requirements have to meet every time in order to continuesly partnered with Likehome. 

Airbnb Management
Airbnb Management

Cleaning Internal Control and Reporting

Likehome have internal control and reporting systems to check property conditions and cleanings outcomes for every guest check out. 

A dedicated Internal Controller perform these photos and reports on daily basis to make sure the cleaning standards are always met and any potiential issues are arised at the earliest. 

Regular Inspection

Your home or investment property is probably one of the biggest financial investments. We care about your asset like our own home.

To help protect your investment we have regular maintenance inspections with strict procedures and documents to ensure your home or investment property is protected and properly maintained with us.

Airbnb Management
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