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Full Airbnb Management Services

Our Full Airbnb management services provide you everything to a successful Airbnb Listing. Short Term Rental is complicated but never going to be difficult when it is managed by Likehome. We handle almost everything for you from Photography to Airbnb Cleaning. So you can spend your time elsewhere more importantly while having a boosted Airbnb income.

Sydney Airbnb Management


Photography pays for itself. With professional photos, earnings will increased by up to 20% According to Airbnb

Professional imagery is one of the most important aspects of selling anything online and is just as important when it comes to Airbnb Listing. Listings with beautiful photos receive more interest from Guests, which leads to more bookings and which leads to higher profit.

Professional photos are a great way to add polish to your listing and showcase your property in search. Likehome works with the best photographers in Australia with a corporate pricing to get the job done professionally and easily. 

Listing Creation

The Listing Creation is no doubt one of the most important factors to start the airbnb business. 

The Airbnb Title needs to be catchy and to encourage the potential guest to click to the listing, While Content needs to be detailed enough to make the booking happen. 

Likehome take care of all original copywriting for the listing and also to make sure the listing set up can be done properly and quickly.  

Sydney Airbnb Management
Sydney Airbnb Management


Advertising is all about listing visibility. the higher the visibility, the higher the possibility it has for more bookings. 

We will make sure the listing is advertised on as many channels as possible to attract reservations including our own booking website, social media accounts and corporate partners. 


Guest Management

Effective guest management helps to ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty. It is the most important factor for an succussful Airbnb as good reviews leads to more reservations.

Likehome take guest management responsibilities seriously, and focus our efforts on creating a positive, enjoyable experience for guests. our experienced team knows how to make the guest a good stay and leave the listing a good review.

Sydney Airbnb Management
Sydney Airbnb Management

Price Optimization

Price Optimization is so important for airbnb revenue because it analyzing guests and market data to find the most optimal price point. 

High occupancy does not always good when it comes with low pricing, and high pricing means nothing when there is no reservation.  

Likehome use world class softwares combined with manual adjustment to determine the best price point that will help your listing attract guests, maximize occupancy, and increase profits.

Guest Service

Providing great guest service can generate more marketing and sales opportunities. So our guest service team work hard to meeting guests’ satisfaction to keeping the airbnb listing growing successfully in long term.

Our guest service team are hospitality specialists. We answer any guest enquiries effectively before bookings, processing guest payments, handling guests questions during the stay and dealing with guests damage and claim after they check out. 


Sydney Airbnb Management
Sydney Airbnb Management

Property Inspection and Maintenance

Your home or investment property is probably one of the biggest financial investments. We care about your asset like our own home.

To help protect your investment we have regular maintenance inspections, including pre listing, routine and final inspections with strict procedures and documents to ensure your home or investment property is protected and properly maintained with us.

Airbnb Cleaning

Every short-term rental guest expects a sparkling clean property when they arrive. Likehome cleaning standards will ensure our guests have comfortable stays and then help our owners earn more 5 star reviews that result in higher future bookings. 

We strictly select and work with the best cleaners or contractors nationalwide, with standards and procedures to make sure every check out clean will be performed properly.     

Sydney Airbnb Management
Sydney Airbnb Management

Delicated Property Manager and Monthly Reporting

Short Term Rental tasks can be complicated so effective communication with our property owners is always our priority. 

Every client will be assigned with a delicated property manager and can be contacted directly anytime you have a question. 

Also a detailed financial report about the reservation details will be sent to our owners monthly with the monthly payment to make sure all our clients knows what’s happening with their properties. 

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