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Likehome Guest Management

Airbnb Guest Management is one of the most crucial parts of end-to-end Airbnb management. Bookings are dependent on positive reviews from guests. At Likehome, we pride ourselves on our local guest management team, who are available to assist via a dedicated support line. Delivering a consistently excellent service to your guests is our top priority.

Sydney Airbnb Management

Guest Greeting

A warm welcome is not just a welcoming smile, but it is a good start. Likehome use automatic communication softwares to send confirmation of reservation, welcoming greetings, check in msg, during the stay and check out procedures to communicating with guest. Other than that, our experienced hospitality team manually take care of all guests to making the guests feel like home. 

we have gunuine interest in having the guest as customers. Likehome Team welcome all owner guests, and demonstrate to them that we have a keen interest in developing a mutually rewarding business relationship

Key Exchange

There are number of ways for the guest key exchange. After we assessed your property and before your Airbnb is listed, we will determine a most suitable method depends on the check in methods, potiential guests characters, property locations and facility availabilities. 

We will try to arrange self check in for every property we manage. so that the guest can check in 24/7 which leads to higher occupancies and returns. 

Sydney Airbnb Management
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House Guide

The House Guide provide guests with clear, step-by-step instructions and tell them where they can find important things, such as safety devices or the router for the Wi-Fi.

Also it provide all legislation requirements and house rules to the guests upfront to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Likehome prepare house guides to all of our managed properties to the guests, so guests will have a great experiences of stay while you have the house rules applied. 


Housekeeping play a crutial role to Guest Management. We make sure we work hard the make our housekeeping standards high to satisfy every stay with us.

From Cleaning, Amenities preparation and communication, we have strict housekeeping policies in place. Moreover, if there is anything particular the guest ask or need during the stay, we will also try our best to deliever it to keep our housekeeping standards.

Sydney Airbnb Management
Sydney Airbnb Management

Check Out Cleaning

Every short-term rental guest expects a sparkling clean property when they arrive. Likehome cleaning standards will ensure our guests have comfortable stays and then help our owners earn more 5 star reviews that result in higher future bookings.

We strictly select and work with the best cleaners or contractors nationalwide, with standards and procedures to make sure every check out clean will be performed properly.

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