About Us

Airbnb Management Expert

Sharing economy is on the rise and so is international tourism. With traditional accommodation outlets such as hotels, motels and serviced apartments in short supply and high demand, the shift towards more personal, affordable options is inevitable.

As key stakeholders in the property industry, we consider it our responsibility to keep up with industry trends, listening to public demand and moving to meet them. At Likehome, we’re something of a middle-man, balancing the interests of investors and renters so that everybody wins! We know that renters want clean, safe short-term accommodation in tourist hotspots. We know that property investors want happy guests and reliable rental incomes. We know that we have the power to make both dreams reality.

Our Belief, Vision & Mission

Our Belief: Service creates Value.

Our Vision: Guests will have best stay experiences, while Property Investors gain best outcome.

Our Mission: To build the bridge between Investors and Guests.

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