Melbourne Airbnb Managment

Airbnb Management In Melbourne

Likehome is proud to offer the best Airbnb management in Melbourne. Our teams are happy to meed you at your property to discuss your Airbnb management needs and provide you a free rental estimate. The initial visit to your property will include an inspection to make sure everything is up to standards and ready to start earning. 

Airbnb Management

Airbnb Melbourne Earnings

Airbnb earnings in Melbourne can be different dramatically depends on many factors including property location, type, bedroom numbers, listing quality, cleaning, guest reviews, etc,. 

Many Independent Data company provide average numbers if you input some basic property details. However, These numbers can be misleading without analysis carefully. Booking an appointment with us for an inspection now to know about an Airbnb earnings in Melbourne.  

Beat the Melbourne Airbnb market

With Likehome Full Airbnb Management Services, our Melbourne property owners are able to achieve the best airbnb management outcomes, which is 40% more than self managed Airbnb and 20% more than our competitors. 

We use data and software for listing optimisation and pricing recommendations. We also analysis into the global and local travel and Airbnb trends. With our services, we are confident to provide the most compelling services to our property owners in Melbourne.

Airbnb Management
Airbnb Management

Melbourne Airbnb Management Experiences

Likehome has extensive experiences in managing airbnb in Melbourne. Melbourne is the most famous location for tourism and has so many attractiions to tourists and holiday-makers. 

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Museum, Flinders Street Railway Station, Crown Melboune, etc,. Melbourne just has everything for the world. That’s why Melbourne is one of our focused area with our local operation team to ensure we can offer the best airbnb management services in Melbourne. 

The Process for Melbourne Airbnb Management

  1. Check if your property is eligible for Airbnb. 
  2. Booking a free consultation with one of our Airbnb Managers to inspect your property and check amenities. 
  3. Connect ultilities. 
  4. Sign the contract, handover the keys and onboarding. 
  5. Then we will handle everything for you while you waiting for the monthly report and payments. 
Airbnb Management
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