Property Maintenance

Full Property Maintenance

Your home or investment property is probably one of the biggest financial investments. We care about your asset like our own home. So we want to make sure that it is always in the best condition. Regular inspections, detailed guides and access to our trusted trade network are all part of our maintenance service. We provide premium maintenance to all our properties, ensuring your property is protected and properly maintained with us.

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Ingoing Inspection

The first important thing when the property handed over to us is to conduct an Ingoing Inspection. No matter Airbnb Management or Long Term Tenancy Management, we will make sure the ingoing conditionI is recorded in document.

Writing comments and taking the time to outline any possible issues will minimise the risks and worries in the event of a tribunal hearing with the guest or tenant. 

Routine Inspection

Conducting routine inspections not only protects the property itself, but also ensures communication is kept open. These inspections allow us to check any maintenance issues that arise, which can be only sighted onsite. It’s important any maintenance issues are assessed at the earliest, so we can ensure the right trade person is engaged to get the job done effectively, lawfully and at the right price.

During routine inspections or maintenance visits, we will not only assess the condition the tenants or guests are keeping of the property, but also the “overall” condition of the property.

Airbnb Management Mascot
Airbnb Management Mascot

Final Inspection

The final inspection is extremely important as it ensures that no major changes or damage to the property has occurred when the tenant terminating or we return the property back to you. 

We conduct Final Inspection for every end of lease tenant for our Property Management service. 

For Our full Airbnb Management service, we are fully responsible and guaranteed any inconsistance will be fixed when compare the ingoing and final inspection reports. 

Insurance Check & Claim

Nobody finishes well by accident, so we strongly suggest our property owners to have the right insurances covered in place. 

From Building Insurance, Content Insurance to Landlord Insurance, it protects your asset and income in different ways. Likehome works with the best national real estate insurance providers to minimise your risks. 

We can purchase, claim and follow up for you which are all included in both our Airbnb Management and Property Management services. 

Airbnb Management Mascot
Airbnb Management Mascot

Trade Network and Reporting

Withe years of property management experiences, we have a large network of trades who know how and when to get the maintenance jobs done properly and quickly. 

Leave the repairs to us and we will always come back to you with the solutions and reports. 

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